Hockey players require a wealth of hockey equipment to stay well protected and reach high performance levels on the field of play. We hope you find this hockey equipment and clothing guide useful, so that you can determine the right hockey gear for you. This essential guide is aimed at hockey beginners as well as parents of aspiring hockey players, and will outline all the hockey gear required to play the game in style and with complete confidence.


Below are the essential items required to play the game of hockey to an adequate standard.

Hockey Stick:

Hockey sticks vary in size and are usually made from wood or an array of composite materials, or often a mixture of both.

Many different bows and head shapes are available on the market, which suit particular styles and positions. Click to view our comprehensive Essential Hockey Stick Guide for more information.

Hockey Clothing

In order to play competitive hockey, you need to look the part. Therefore a hockey shirt is an essential item for either training or match play as hockey is a game that requires a lot of energy and thus perspiration in evitable, so make sure you purchase a hockey top with excellent moisture management qualities.

If you are setting up a new hockey team, then you want to make sure you look, feel and play like a team. To boost team cohesion and promote a sense of identity, every member of a hockey team should wear matching hockey kit. This is also essential so that players and officials can distinguish the two separate teams. Therefore, a range of Men’s Teamwear and Women’s Teamwear is available on the market, manufactured by a number of highly respected hockey brands.

Hockey shorts for men and hockey skorts and hockey skirts for women are also essential pieces of hockey attire. The style of these hockey bottoms tend to be quite understated, leaving the bold aesthetics of the shirt and stick to steal the show! Water repellent materials and breathable mesh for improve air flow are a few things to look out for, but the most important factors are how comfortable the bottoms feel on your skin and that they are an appropriate size and do not restrict movement. Promoting maximum performance and comfort, cutting edge hockey base layers and cutting edge compression clothing should be strongly considered. These deliver exceptional moisture management and can help keep you warm or cool on the hockey field.

In order to travel to games and practice hockey in style, comfort and warmth, an array of hockey training wear should be purchased. Your hockey training clothing may include: a hockey fleece, hockey waterproof jacket, hockey tracksuit bottoms, hockey training tops and hockey training shorts, skorts or skirts. In order to effectively imitate gameplay on the training ground, hockey training bibs will also come in handy. You may wish to view our Men’s hockey training wear and women’s hockey training wear ranges.

Hockey Footwear

Hockey shoes are vital for staying comfortable inside the hockey arena and making sure you have enough grip and traction. With the game of hockey constantly evolving, players require hockey footwear that can meet the physical demands of the modern game, marrying style and protection with comfort and minimum weight. Our formidable range of hockey shoes boast top brands such as Grays, TK, Kookaburra, Adidas, Asics and Gryphon.

Hockey Ball

Unsurprisingly, a hockey match cannot proceed without a hockey ball and it is also an essential training aid! With safety and enjoyment in mind, every form of hockey requires a specialised hockey ball to maximise game efficiency. Ranges such as Grays, TK, Adidas and Mercian provide both match and practice-standard hockey balls, while some have even developed hockey balls that help develop technique and power. Junior hockey balls are also available on the market.

Hockey Bag

This is an essential item that exists to store all of your hockey equipment, not only making it easy to transport hockey gear from one place to another, but to also prevent you from losing all your individual hockey items. Hockey holdalls, hockey tour bags, hockey training bags, hockey stick bags, hockey coaching bags and hockey ball bags are available from this store.

Hockey protection

Hockey grip gloves are sometimes used to help protect your hands from rubbing against the hockey stick, while hockey protection gloves are adorned to safeguard the player from potential impact injuries. As far as padded, ultra-protective gloves are concerned, most people only wear one on the left hand. . Protective gloves are made from high density foam to help reduce hand and finger injuries. Some performers also choose to apply another protective glove to the right hand, while some players do not wear gloves at all. If it is a grip glove, then obviously you should wear the pair of them. A lot of hockey gloves these days are available with a choice of right or left hand. Some gloves are made solely for either indoor or outdoor use, but many are appropriate for both conditions. Fingerless grip gloves are popular for outdoor use in wet conditions, to maintain firm control of the hockey stick. Hockey Direct stocks hockey gloves suitable for both outdoor and indoor use, including lightweight hockey gloves, extra protective gloves and fingerless gloves. Hockey shin guards and hockey mouth guards are also popular items of hockey protection, and the former should be considered essential for the young or developing hockey player.


Hockey goalkeepers require their own specialist protection. For more information, please view our Goalkeeping Hockey Gear Guide.


If you still have more questions about hockey equipment then feel free to send an enquiry to: Now you are a little more informed about the equipment required to play the game of hockey, we suggest that you browse our unrivalled collection of pro-quality hockey gear at highly competitive prices.

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