Do you want to reach peak performance levels this season? Do you want a cutting edge hockey stick that will give you the edge over your opponent?

Our 2015 ranges boasted some really cool stuff, sure, but let's face it – they were so last year.

With a stunning collection of hockey sticks 2016

Whether you’re looking for field hockey sticks, composite hockey sticks or indoor hockey sticks for 2016, Hockey Direct will have them all – not to mention a great choice of junior hockey sticks and goalie hockey sticks.

Adidas Hockey Sticks 2016

Adidas hockey sticks 2016 are once again headlined by the ground-breaking Adidas Carbonbraid Hockey Stick – a 100% carbon profile. Billed as the world’s first carbon braid hockey stick, this revamped black and night grey stick will provide you with supernatural feel, tremendous power and maximum durability.

The Adidas Carbonbraid is expertly supported by other impressive ranges that are endorsed by the game’s elite, including Adidas DF24, Adidas TX24, Adidas LX24 and many more.

Adidas is a global sporting giant that is constantly pushing boundaries to deliver exceptional performance levels, and the Adidas Carbonbraid 2016 underlines the brand’s standing as a global innovation leader.

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Grays Hockey Sticks 2016

Grays Hockey is one of the world’s leading hockey gear brands. Grays hockey sticks 2016 combines exceptional experience with industry-leading hockey stick technology, earning an excellent reputation in the industry.

A great choice of Grays blade profiles are available for 2016, including Probow, Jumbow, Dynabow, Midbow and Ultrabow.

Cutting edge Grays Kinetic hockey sticks, including the sub-range’s headline act, the Grays Kinetic 12000, represent a revolution in design and provide exceptional agility without sacrificing power.

The Grays GR 11000 is the signature stick in the 2016/17 Grays GR hockey stick range, which lends unrivalled power and performance, while the Grays GX range delivers excellent durability and playability. Grays indoor hockey sticks and wooden hockey sticks are also available.

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Kookaburra hockey Sticks 2016

Kookaburra’s hockey stick technicians have focused their energy on innovative scientific stick refinement for 2016. It is the second year of their game-changing 4-Core technology and Kookaburra Hockey 2016 is brimming with new stick shapes and technological advancements, test and modified during hours of assessment.

The Kookaburra Team Hockey Stick 2016 range is better than ever, featuring Kookaburra Team Midas, Team Origin, Team Dragon, Team Phoenix and Team Ignite – all of which feature at least 95% carbon.

The Kookaburra Ultralite range for 2016, Ultralite Xenon and Ultralite Lithium, are up to 4oz lighter than traditional models without compromising on power potential. 2016 sees a refinement in head shape merged with a Tri-Core construction – in other words, the lightest Kookaburra Ultralite stick ever!

Kookaburra Lbow, Ibow and Mbow hockey sticks also have new models to flaunt, and are joined by Kookaburra Street hockey sticks, indoor hockey sticks, wooden hockey sticks and goalie hockey sticks.

New for 2016, is the crafted oval handle, which assists with maximising the bow position to create a dramatic profile, and the energy groove, which helps to generate enhanced ball speed and boost passing control. A host of hockey stick grips are available.

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